Vegan: Day 1 [2.0]

Hi, again!

I wanted to get this brought up to speed and finish out the day with what I got at the store and what I made myself for dinner — it was so yummy that it would be a crime not to share!

After almost 45 minutes in HyVee’s organic/natural foods section, I found my way out of the store with a happy cart full of fantastic vegan goodies. The hardest part wasn’t weeding out what was and wasn’t vegan in the store, the hardest part was resisting the temptation to let myself splurge on a bag of $15 chia seeds. Now that’s self-control!

I am pretty much set for a while as I got some fantastic things tonight:

  • Boca Vegan soy crumbles
  • Morningstar Farm Unbreaded soy chicken patties (Boca didn’t have any tonight but thankfully, MSF’s are vegan so hooray for that)
  • Unsweetened almond/coconut Almond Breeze milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Avocados (I eat them like they are going out of style)
  • Almond butter
  • Raspberries
  • Wheat pasta

By the time I got back to my apartment and put everything away, I was pretty hungry and anxious to try what I had brainstormed for dinner. Before I was vegan, I would make “tacos” with MSF Spicy Black Bean patties. Basically, you just throw a patty in a skillet with some EVOO and mash it up and add taco seasoning. Roll it in a corn tortilla and I’d add cheese, tomato and avocado and yes it was DELICIOUS. Cheese is an obvious no and MSF Black Bean patties have whey so I had to make some adjustments with this.

I took one bite of this and was in vegan heaven. Here’s what I did:

  • Put a MSF Unbreaded “chicken” patty into a skillet with olive oil until it was able to be torn. Mash it with a spoon and add taco seasoning (it is RIDICULOUSLY hard to find taco seasoning of the vegan variety but Ortega has some sans whey and tastes great AND doesn’t have MSG) until it’s crumbly and warm.
  • Add whatever: I cubed a fourth of an avocado (mmmmm), a tomato and since I had some from my cooking adventure last night, fresh cilantro. I added some jalapeno/cilantro salsa to give it a kick
  • Wrap it up in a tortilla (most flour tortillas are vegan, just be sure to obviously read the label) and bask in your vegan glory.

It was really good and a really nice twist on something I was used to. It’s also super, super easy and you can have everything prepped and cooked in ten minutes, so I can foresee this becoming my go-to for nights that are busy with school/homework/meetings/whatever. With it, I had baby carrots and fresh raspberries (which will be used in a green smoothie tomorrow morning, I’m thinking).

So, my first full day as a vegan? No dairy, no problem.




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