Friday Night Grocery Haul

Okay…maybe a “haul” isn’t the best noun to use to describe my grocery shopping experience tonight. I had to go pick up a handful of items that I was out of (mainly produce) so that I would be set for meals for the first full week of classes. My meals were so great today:

  • Breakfast: Green smoothie (Spinach, raspberry, half of a banana). I have a Blender Bottle (you can find them at the store or on This was awesome to put in the Blender Bottle because even though it is technically a protein shaker, it gave my smoothie a nice stir on my walk to class this morning. I knew I would love this smoothie recipe as a nice, convenient way to get a nutritious and convenient breakfast.
  • Lunch: The usual. Peanut butter on whole wheat with an organic banana and coffee after.
  • Dinner: I was unfortunately out of vegan chicken patties and also refried beans so I got creative. Using Boca vegan beef crumbles to substitute the protein and black beans instead of refried, I had an excellent and filling meal.

One thing I noticed today was after I eat, I NEVER feel like I have what I like to call a “food baby.” I feel pleasantly full, content and energized rather than bloated, heavy and lethargic. Confucians live by something called “Hara hachi bu” or eating until your stomach is about 80 percent full. It is commonly practiced in the United States as a form of calorie restriction and a method to avoid over eating. Calories are something I consider, but now that I am vegan, they aren’t something that I count as viciously as I did before. Since eating vegan, I have never been more than 80 percent full. That isn’t to say I have felt deprived in any way, just that I feel satisfied and nourished and probably right at 80 percent. Happy body, happy mind, happy Danielle.

I had a great experience at the store (my third one since being vegan!) Check out this colorful cart:

You’ll notice a lot of the items are organic. Organic eating is another lifestyle in every way and you don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to eat all-organic. I personally don’t eat 100 percent organic, but I definitely try to when I have the option available. Organic is any food that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals, pesticides or other insecticides that are considered dangerous to the Earth and not fit for human consumption.

I got a bunch of great stuff, so be sure to check out my video about my shopping experience, reflection thus far and some challenges I have faced along the way.

The coconut milk ice cream was so delicious and I savored every bite of it as I exported the video. I wanted to take a better picture of it but it was so delicious that it was down the hatch before I could even blink my eyes!

Blogging, video editing and vegan ice cream. Not necessarily in that order...

Blogging, video editing and vegan ice cream. Not necessarily in that order…

Happy cooking, happy eating and sweet vegan dreams!


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