Some Fun Little Developments

Happy Monday, everyone!

Mondays are my busy days at school but I still had a fantastic day and managed to get a lot done:

  • Worked two of my three jobs on campus today
  • Copy edited so many pages for the professional paper that copy edit for — we are rolling out a new magazine this week so it has been a busy weekend but we are really excited about it.
  • Got some homework done
  • Made a few new enhancements for this blog

By that last bullet, I mean making a Twitter feed for this blog, as well as a Facebook page. Be sure to check both out! You’ll notice that I also added some sidebars for these items on the page…just look to your left for both of those modules!

Happy blogger moment!

Blogger celebration

Blogger celebration

Since today was so insane, I had to squeeze dinner in where I could. Ipso facto, in between both of my jobs. I literally had an hour so this happened:

Subway in the campus radio station? Don't mind if I do!

Subway in the campus radio station? Don’t mind if I do!

Subway is my new go-to for lunch or dinner — it’s still delicious, sans cheese. I’m really happen Subway introduced avocado to its lineup two summers ago and kept it for good. Avocados are a great source of healthy fats and don’t even make you miss cheese for even half of a second. My toppings of choice? Avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and olives. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, no? Yeah.

I’m made the decision [already] to go home this weekend. This is for many reasons [in no specific order]:

  • I really, really, really miss my parents (okay, this is obviously in specific order)
  • I miss my cat!
  • I’m blind as a bat and can’t function without my glasses and these glasses aren’t really cutting it anymore for class and the amount of work and reading I have to do. I got a new prescription at the end of summer but, unfortunately for me, they weren’t ready by the time I had to leave for school. They’re ready now and have been for a week or two so I am going to pick those up this weekend because my vision is getting pretty bad and it’s really pathetic how squinty I am all of the time with this old prescription
  • This really awesome art festival, MOSAICS, is this weekend and my mom and I always go
  • My sister and my brother in law are coming home this weekend and I get to be reunited with them! I didn’t know this until after I made up my mind to go home, so it makes the deal even sweeter
  • I really just need a weekend out of town. I need a change of scenery

It’ll be interesting to be vegan at home since I haven’t had that experience yet. Definitely will keep you all posted for the weekend. For now, it’s back to copy editing and maybe an episode or two of Dr. Who — hey, I’ve worked all day. I deserve it!

Happening now:

In coffee and faithfully yours xx

In coffee and faithfully yours xx

Talk soon, as always!




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