4 Vegan Weeks

Happy four-week-aversary to me and being vegan!

Four weeks is generally one month but actually, today is only/already (depending on how you want to look at it) day 28 — 30 full days will be Tuesday. I still had a lot of time to think about where the last four weeks have taken me as I drove back up to school this evening. It was actually really ironic: the last time I drove back up to school, it was the first day as a vegan, also on a Sunday, four weeks ago to the date. Let’s recall that it was the day that this happened:

Beautiful people everywhere.

Beautiful people everywhere.

I spent a lot of that three-hour drive four weeks ago thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in those thirty days. I thought of all of the recipes I would try and how my life would be different in every way imaginable.


Fast forward four weeks, a major temperature drop and I found myself in the same car listening to the same music with four weeks of vegan under my belt. Again, I found myself thinking about the same thing: how my life has changed during the last four weeks. I was also accompanied by a delicious soy latte for the drive.

My drive brought to you by this coffee, coral pants and a delicious soy latte.

My drive brought to you by this coffee, coral pants and a delicious soy latte.

Okay, but in all seriousness again.

I did a lot of reflecting on the changes I have noticed and how my decision is impacting the entire world: animals, people around me, people I have not yet met, the environment and so many other things. I cannot fathom going back to anything dairy at this point. It’s been a delightful, interesting, amazing ride and the beautiful thing is that it is merely the start.

I will have some more insight tomorrow (obviously) but I have some fun planned for the thirty day mark on Tuesday. Get ready!




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