New posting schedule and general housekeeping

I am feeling all of the love in the world from you guys, especially after my video post yesterday. Thanks for all of the well wishes and congratulatory messages. You guys are awesome!!

When I created this blog, I set the intention to post every single day for thirty days about my reflections and challenges experiences as a vegan on a day to day basis. I stuck with that and blogged each day. Now that those first thirty days are up, I am thinking of switching things up to posting on a twice-weekly basis…what do you guys think? I have thought about it a lot and I think it will help me think about things a bit more and write more overarching, quality things. A little bit more reflection rather than a daily regurgitation of information would probably be the better thing to do, I think.

Thus, be on the lookout for posts on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.

I love writing and engaging with you all and I love this blog more than most things and I think this switch will yield much more high-quality content.

Talk soon (tomorrow)!


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