“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

There is this great proverb by American journalist John Gunther and it reads as follows: “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

In college, is there even the time for a leisurely breakfast, or breakfast at all? In my world, absolutely yes! Especially if it is of the fall-flavored oat variety.

I am so happy I ran across Lauren’s blog — The Oatmeal Artist. I originally found the recipe through Pinterest and I had to see more! You guys remember my delicious pumpkin quinoa brunch that happened not that long ago, right? This experience was pretty similar. Let me back up a little bit, once more.

A friend came to visit all of us JBA preceptors this weekend! Friday night was spent out going from place to place and Saturday night, we all went to a friend’s house and caught up over drinks. I enjoyed a Sam Adams (yes, it’s vegan) and the company of good friends, one of whom was asking me how vegan was going for me. Being able to share my experiences and challenges was really cool because it made me reflect a lot on my journey thus far and how much I have grown as a vegan in just a few months. Being vegan hasn’t been free of its challenges or even its scrutiny, though.

Though I wasn’t out on Saturday night as late as I was the night before, I was still pretty sleepy in the morning and enjoyed waking up slowly. I got in shortly after midnight Saturday night but there is just something about sleeping under heavy blankets with the windows open and being the perfect balance of cozy and chilly on a morning where you know you don’t have to be anywhere. By the time I actually was up and moving, “breakfast” time was over. Sundays are for brunch, anyway.

had to try Lauren’s Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal that morning.

The makings of Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

This recipe basically made itself. I followed the instructions mostly, but I did only half of the maple syrup and I added a scant handful of walnuts. I made the large batch in the 8×8 pan so I would have breakfast for this short week (oh hey, yeah, it’s Midterm week at Truman, by the way). Pop it in the oven for 22 minutes and it is baked to perfection and ready to enjoy, or share if you are feeling especially nice.

I am already antsy to try some of Lauren’s other oatmeal dishes, especially the brownie batter ones…yum!

So there you have it! It was a leisurely brunch on Sunday as I cozied up in a blanket with a soy latte, apple and almond butter and my oatmeal as I finished an episode of “Sherlock.” If that isn’t the best way to start a day, I’m not so sure what is.

Until next time!


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