As of Late

It’s such a comfort waking up to the sound of rain, being buried under a heated blanket and knowing you [as in, I] don’t have any classes today. With the last week being so busy going to and from one place and another, I wasn’t going to take the opportunity to relax and listen to the rain for granted. I did my usual routine of checking my email, taking care of a few things before I emerged from bed and before I knew it, it was 9:45 a.m. Much, much too late for breakfast so brunch it is — which is rather pleasant on a weekday and I suggest you take advantage of it, if given the chance like I was today.

You might remember a few weeks ago a recipe I tried out for Quinoa Porridge from Sherrie’s blog — With Food + Love. Well, I made it en masse again this weekend:

Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge love from my kitchen to yours.

I still have heaps of leftovers and, albeit absolutely delicious, I was feeling adventurous this morning. Oatmeal. Definitely oatmeal. And when I want my oatmeal, I want my oatmeal.

You might also recall a baked oatmeal recipe from a few weeks back from Lauren’s adorable site: The Oatmeal Artist. I remember when I ran across her page, I bookmarked a handful of recipes and had been lusting after a few ever since — namely her Choco Cherry Cashew Oatmeal. I admit, I had been planning for this since this weekend, as I made a great little trip to the store and got the necessary ingredients for the oats (and then some — it was the vegan jackpot in my shopping cart):

Vegan goodies for the week.

This morning, I decided to make that dream a reality and leave the quinoa for tomorrow morning. I put coffee on and got to work:

Oats on the stove.

Oats on the stove.

The only deviation I made from this recipe was the type of oat I used — rather than steel cut, quick oats, I used old-fashioned rolled oatmeal. Rather than using my usual water to boil the oatmeal, I opted for unsweetened almond milk to thicken things up a bit more. I accidentally added 1/2 of a  teaspoon of almond extract rather than the 1/8 of a teaspoon as per the recipe. I’m actually really glad I was a bit overzealous, because it sweetened things a bit and was absolutely delicious. There is something strangely therapeautic about stirring together oats and almond milk until it becomes thick. I couldn’t wait to tuck in:

Ta da!

Ta da!

You’ll notice I did not add the chocolate chips. While my shopping trip this weekend did yield a fantastic bag of vegan chocolate chips (Enjoy Life semi-sweet), the cherry preserves were already sweet enough. I don’t do sweet foods in the morning because it makes me feel slow and lethargic later in the day. In fact, I rarely do foods this heavy in the morning. I know this would be delicious with the chocolate chips in it, though. I started off with a scant smattering of cashews since I normally don’t like crunchy things in my oatmeal, but I ended up mixing in more as I ate. I got very lightly salted halves/pieces and they mixed wonderfully (I would have gotten unsalted if the option would have been available, but I did the best with the resources that were available to me).

I had every intention to eat this as I watched Benedict Cumberbatch’s new movie — Little Favour — but the download was taking forever so I sat down with my breakfast, a cup of coffee and started writing.

A perfect way to spend a rainy morning: soy latte in my Q mug.

A perfect way to spend a rainy morning: soy latte in my Q mug.

Dinner tonight will be a vegan taco salad I found on Leanne’s blog — Healthful Pursuit. I made the dish last night and it was absolutely delicious. I have half of an avocado in the fridge that still needs to be eaten before it goes the slightest bit bad, so I am going to put it to use tonight when I make this taco salad again:

Vegan taco salad.

Vegan taco salad.

Made a few adjustments by omitting garlic, onion and corn chips. I used an arugula spring mix for lettuce and a chipolte salsa for added heat. What else can I say about this, except for the dish being extremely easy, delicious and filling. I can’t wait to make it again!

I hope you are all having a great week and a great start to World Vegan Month — until next time!

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” — Gary Francione


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