You Say “Tomato”

There’s something restorative about cooking a dinner for yourself on a weeknight rather than heating up leftover whatever in the microwave and eating while doing homework. Tonight was that night for me — the former, not the latter.

I wasn’t extremely hungry tonight (probably because I had cherry cashew oatmeal again for breakfast today) but I still wanted something fresh. After browsing through my pins, I found a gem that I pinned a while ago: Quinoa and Spinach Stuffed Tomatoes. Be sure you check out Katerina’s blog, Diethood, for more recipes or just to say hi. I struck gold with this simple but delicious recipe.

You’ll notice her recipe serves eight people so I took care to cut everything to serve me, myself and I. I had two smallish tomatoes so I cut everything down to a fourth of its original measurement and it worked out fine. I didn’t deviate from this recipe, except for the obvious: cheese. These little guys were so delicious that they really wouldn’t need cheese but I had some mozzarella-flavored Daiya so I went for it.

Tomatoes before the oven and before Daiya.

With the sauteed spinach and the baked tomatoes, I thought these almost took on a sweet flavor but it balanced out really well with the bitterness of the quinoa. The “cheese” added some texture and was just overall delicious.

Stuffed tomato love.

Is it Daiya or is it dairy? I’ll never tell. 

This is one of those recipes that looks like it might be a bit intimidating at first, but it is simple enough to knock out in an hour on a weeknight. I’ll admit: I had never even hollowed out a tomato [or anything, for that matter] until I tried this tonight and it was super simple. I’ll have to make this again and maybe do it when I can share the love with my family.

I’m about to hit the grocery store — AGAIN! I usually have to go twice a week now since I eat so many plants and you can’t buy them en masse since they go bad so quickly. After that, I am planning on taking the night off to watch some Doctor Who and snuggle under the duvet with the contentment that my early class is canceled tomorrow and another week goes whooshing on by.



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