“What is the probability Danielle keeps her sanity this week?” — A novel written by me

At the beginning of the week, all I wanted was for it to be Friday so I could go home. Well, here we are — it’s Thursday morning and the scene in my apartment is one from a horror film: piles of clothes to be washed and packed litter the couch, homework to take home is halfway packed in my bag and halfway sitting in hideous stacks on my desk to be completed today, my to-do list is staring me in the face and judging from afar as it hangs on my bulletin board and all I can think is “Can I please just have two more days to get this stuff done before I go home?” If you were to look in my trash can, all you would see are discarded coffee grounds, which is pretty telling of how my life has been this week.

Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited to go home — I have my music planned out for the three hour drive home, I can imagine my pretty room at home waiting for me and I can already picture my cat hissing at me as soon as I walk in the door tomorrow. But, my to do list today is a mile long, so Thanksgiving Break isn’t letting me win easily, so it would seem.

Life and times of a student.

Life and times of a student.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t take some time for myself yesterday, though. As fate would have it, my Statistics test got pushed to next week so I have a whole extra week to study — I am so happy I could cry. I have still been studying a few hours every day so I can do well on this exam. I’m not going to waste time to talk about how math and I have, what I will call, a difficult relationship. So what’s a girl to do when she is waist deep in hypothesis testing and there is no end in sight?


Chocolate is always the answer.

It has finally gotten cold here in Kirksville and I love everything about it. I don’t drink it a lot, but hot chocolate is one of my favorite things to have when I am in for the night and watching a movie or getting some homework done. I don’t keep sugar in my apartment and I surely don’t have any vegan hot chocolate mix (what a wonderful thing that would be!) so once again, I had to get creative.

Katie has a charming little blog, aptly named Chocolate Covered Katie, where you can find all sorts of sweet things, but not laden with nasty, sugary ingredients. Bonus points since a lot of it is suitable for vegans. I have known of her blog even before I was a vegan, so it seemed like an easy choice when I turned to her blog to find a vegan hot chocolate recipe. Not one for straying from a recipe, I followed this pretty closely. The only change I made was I just did a full cup of regular coconut milk (I think I used original, unsweetened SO Delicious Brand) and used a splash of 100% pure maple syrup to sweeten things up a bit.

Because vegans like hot chocolate, too.

Because vegans like hot chocolate, too.

Snaps all around to this hot chocolate — it was delicious! It’s one of those things you can get creative with and try with different dairy-free milks, cocoa powders or even extracts (I bet mint extract would be especially good). This wasn’t sickeningly sweet like instant hot chocolate from a packet…it had a little bit of bitterness to it since the cocoa powder isn’t sweetened at all. It was super smooth and just rich enough and piping hot and the perfect little incentive to get me through some statistics.

I just love the smell of hot chocolate and finding Confidence Intervals in the evening.

I just love the smell of hot chocolate and finding Confidence Intervals in the evening.

As I mentioned above, I took a load off last night since I have been working so hard during the day — I am way ahead on a paper I didn’t think I would have worked on this week, I have plenty of time to study for stats and I have already put a lot of work in and, frankly, I felt like I had earned an evening of decompressing. I sat on my couch wrapped in two blankets, drank hot chocolate out of my Sherlock mug and watched Sherlock “A Scandal in Belgravia” (Benedict Cumberbatch is so swoon worthy, okay?! Don’t judge me).

So there you have it. Today’s agenda is all over the place: send some emails and tie up some loose ends, work on (and hopefully finish) a paper, finish laundry, finish packing, a quick trip to the store, statistics review session in the evening, finishing up any remaining homework, yoga, bed.

Catch you guys on the flipside…next time I write, I’ll be back home!


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