Thanksgiving Preview + 100 Days of Vegan

Oh hi there, everyone!

Wow — it has almost been a week. I am so sorry for my absence — as you all know, school was crazy last week. I finished up a paper, had to turn in a few things before I hit the road for home and I even had to make a late-night trip to the emergency room on Thursday night (hardwood floors + slippery socks + a huge splinter that pierced my foot = an unhappy Danielle). I’m all patched up and made it home on Saturday and have taken every opportunity to finally relax. I may or may not have watched two seasons of “Doctor Who” since then but that isn’t the point, here.

Here we have Danielle in her natural Thanksgiving Break habitat.

Here we have Danielle in her natural Thanksgiving Break habitat. Also, Tenth Doctor = Best Doctor. Allons-y!

I love Thanksgiving.

My family isn’t very large and we don’t really do a big “to do” during Thanksgiving. There’s no dressing up, no placemats and my sister and I are usually wearing sweatpants. Eat, laze, eat again…it’s a beautiful thing. I’m really excited because my sister and my Brother-in-Law are on their way in from Chicago — yay! My Mom is being extremely flexible this year and veganizing a lot of the side dishes for Thanksgiving. These are simple swaps such as using unsweetened coconut milk instead of dairy milk for mashed potatoes — things like that. She’s even letting me try my hand at a few new recipes I have found in my bumblings around the Internet (some on Pinterest, some on Buzzfeed, some my friends and family have sent to me).  I thought’d I’d give a small preview of what new dishes are being brought to the table (haha, pun) this year:

Rosemary Whole-Wheat Stuffing with Figs and Hazelnuts  [Vegetarian Times]

Easy Spicy Mac & Cheese [The Simple Veganista]

For the vegan in the family — that’s me in case there might have been any confusion — there will also be sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls (Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are vegan!), Boca chicken patty and pumpkin pie, of course. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about how everything turns out.

A post wouldn’t be complete without pictures of my cooking endeavors, so here we go:

The makings of breakfast.

The makings of breakfast.

Basically all I eat anymore are oats of any and all varieties. I have been wanting to try Lauren’s (The Oatmeal Artist) Lemon Steel Cut Oats. The recipe is enough to share, so I cut it down to serve one. The thing with steel cut oats is it is really hard to determine when they are actually done:

Lemon Steel Cut Oats.

Lemon Steel Cut Oats.

This recipe was good — not great, but not bad. It tasted exactly how you would expect lemon oatmeal to taste. I will have to try this again because, unfortunately, I had a really hideous headache the day I made this and nothing really tasted right. This morning, however, I had trusty Banana Bread Oats:

Breakfast of champions.

Breakfast of champions.

Please note my TARDIS coffee cup, complete with its little lid! It was love at first sight.

So what’s the plan for the rest of the day? My sister and I are going to see “Catching Fire” tonight, but since she is en route from the Windy City, I am going to clean my room and watch Doctor Who until she arrives.

I’ll write again on Friday after Thanksgiving settles down. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday with your friends and family or whomever you spend the day with. If you are going out on Black Friday, be careful. This Thanksgiving, worry more about the size of your heart than the size of your hips and remember all of the things you are thankful for. This year, I am thankful of the 100 amazing days (YES! Today is 100!) of being a vegan and how much it has changed my life. That’s something pretty amazing to be thankful for.

Catch you guys later.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Preview + 100 Days of Vegan

    • Thank you so much! I was SO excited when I found the mug…I absolutely had to have it 🙂 Thanks for the kind words…hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving!

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