And another semester goes whooshing by.

Hey guys — remember me? Your friendly, blonde blogger? I promise I didn’t disappear off the face of the Earth.

As I know I told you all, this was finals week for pretty much every college student in the United States, including myself. This week wasn’t so bad for me: maybe it’s because I got lucky this semester or maybe because since this is my seventh time experiencing finals week, I just know how to manage a bit better. Either way, I submitted my last assignment of the semester as of 8 a.m. and am officially done with Fall 2013 — cheers! That means I can finally put all of this away:

The usual scene when I am in the middle of wrapping up a research paper.

The usual scene when I am in the middle of wrapping up a research paper.

I actually had quite a bit of time this week to get some reading and relaxation done as my finals were very spread out. I had my dreaded Statistics final on Tuesday morning and got through the whole thing without berating myself or crying and turned that thing in with more excitement than I can explain. My professor gave me some of the kindest words and although I am oddly enough going to miss having him as an instructor, I’m not the least bit upset about never having to take a math class again — well, until graduate school.

I really didn’t do a lot of new cooking this week since I was constantly in and out of my apartment. Late last week, one of the organizations I am involved with on campus had a Secret Santa and pseudo-Holiday dinner amongst a few of us. One of the girls, Kaitlin — who also tried out vegan a while back — volunteered to bring latkes and at the get-together, said she tried to veganize them even though it seemed to be a challenge. She ended up setting aside a portion of vegan hash browns that she claimed were “burnt” but they weren’t and they tasted divine. Really it meant the world over to me that she did something so thoughtful. AND a huge congratulations to her upon her graduation from Truman on Saturday as she tackles French Pastry School in Chicago next.

Vegan hash browns and applesauce...thanks again, Kaitlin!

Vegan hash browns and applesauce…thanks again, Kaitlin!

Ironically enough, she was also the one who drew my name for Secret Santa and made me the absolute CUTEST bedazzled ornament to celebrate my first holiday season as a vegan:

Seriously best ornament ever.

Seriously best ornament ever.

What’s my plan now that another semester is closed and tucked away? Well, I’m actually staying in town through Sunday so that I can attend graduation and cheer for my friends that are graduating on Saturday morning.

A little bit of campus's always pretty this time of year (and always, in my opinion)

A little bit of campus love…it’s always pretty this time of year (and always, in my opinion)

I still need to pack and do quite a bit of laundry. AND I am heading to Kansas City on Sunday morning and staying until Tuesday to do some very special shopping with a group of very awesome ladies. More about that later! There will be a lot of vegan eating on the road I think and I think know Starbucks oatmeal and soy lattes will be my best friend during the commute to Kirksville to Kansas City and then Kansas City to St. Louis. I am having flashbacks to my airport experiences when I went to New Orleans…so. much. oatmeal.

I can’t wait to be home for a month and be with my friends and family and cat. My only plans are to read lots of books I bought during Thanksgiving break, watch lots of Doctor Who, prepare for Sherlock series 3 (37 days for the United States! Be sure to check out the awesome new interactive trailer), do some design work and drink lots of coffee at home. Speaking of coffee, shout out to this mug that I bought yesterday — I don’t think it could be more “Danielle” if it tried. It’s fate.

#NeedCoffeeNow. My personal motto.

#NeedCoffeeNow. My personal motto.

One last thing — I’m not a huge Beyonce fan (please, don’t hate me!!!) but she seems to have pulled the stunt of the century last night with releasing an album with zero advertising or publicity beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I can jam to “Single Ladies” as much as the next person, but I don’t share the obsession with her that the rest of the world seems to have. Whatever. Anyway, B pulled this huge trick and then was Instagramming photos of vegan cupcakes…like, no big deal or anything. At any rate, it seems like Mrs. Carter is finding lots of success in her vegan trial.

I won’t be writing this weekend since I’ll be on the road so much but I’ll definitely post something when I get settled back in at home. Hopefully with something more enlightening to say when my brain isn’t so maxed out and sleepy.

Safe travels to everyone commuting to and from this weekend, congratulations to my Fall 2013 graduate friends and I’ll catch you all on the flipside.


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