A Fun Little Post

Let me rephrase that and preface this post by saying this will probably not, by any means, be a short post. Additionally, it likely won’t be a foodie post.

I’ll bet you forgot that I existed or maybe even thought I had completely given up on blogging. I hate that I have been out for about a month (let’s not talk about that, though) — school is in that busy part of the semester and it has been especially crazy this year since it’s my last semester and I am preparing for graduation and now post-grad life. Which leads me to my next big bit of information to share:


Well, that’s not entirely true either. I actually start remote work this coming Tuesday and will be working remotely every Tuesday and Thursday (for just a few hours a day to learn the ropes) until graduation. Then shortly after graduation, I will be relocating 700 miles away to Indiana to work as a full time copy editor/page designer at The Elkhart Truth. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, surreal, the list goes on.

I would tell the whole story but that would be an obscenely long blog post, but suffice it to say I had an excellent time meeting the staff of incredibly kind, talented journalists who I will be able to call my coworkers and everyone made me feel right at home. I even was invited to the company’s award banquet dinner that Thursday night:

Banquet Dinner (Didn't eat the cookie)

Banquet Dinner (Didn’t eat the cookie)

A friend made sure there was a vegan plate for me at the dinner and it was so, so kind.

A friend made sure there was a vegan plate for me at the dinner and it was so, so kind.

It was fantastic to meet everyone and have a more informal conversation and they even made a special plate of couscous and veggies just for me. It was an extremely long few days, but not in a bad way: I left St. Louis just before 3 a.m. on Thursday to make it to Indiana by 12:00 p.m. I had interviews most of the day and then was at the banquet and out until very late. I had a few final interviews that Friday after about 4 hours of sleep, accepted a job offer and then made the 7 hour drive back home. I was exhausted from the drive but I have been on cloud nine ever since.

First [obligatory] of many pictures with these elks that are all over my soon to be town of residence.

First [obligatory] of many pictures with these elks that are all over my soon to be town of residence.

The company even took me to lunch on Thursday afternoon after my first interview at this really awesome local spot called The Moringa Tree. I totally regret not getting a picture of my lunch because it was gorgeous and delicious but one of the girls in the office who I know gave the group a heads up that I was vegan and suggested this restaurant. The owner greeted every table and explained how she uses all local foods and herbs grown in her own garden. Additionally, she doesn’t use any sugars or synthetic oils in her kitchen. I got a veggie sandwich and it was delicious. A great conversation with a great group of people over an awesome lunch — I couldn’t have asked for more. I can see myself eating there often once I make the move in a few months, too.

Meanwhile when not being on Spring Break and getting a job (and now begins the search for apartments!), I have had a little bit of time to try out some new recipes and even get outside of my comfort zone and come up with a few creations of my own. And next weekend, a group of classmates and myself are having a dinner party and I promised to bring three vegan dishes (none of which I have made before but have great reviews!) to share. Look for that next week! And a few months from now, I’ll be able to explore a new town and a ton of new vegan places to eat. Excitement abound.





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