About This Blog

I know what you must be thinking: “Just what this world needs — another blog. And a food blog at that!

Let me assure you — this isn’t just a blog of pretty things I like or recipes I am dying to try. My aim here is to keep an account of my switch to a vegan lifestyle to inform others and track and reflect upon my own progress. After ten years of vegetarianism, it was time to set some larger, more long-term goals. To get back in touch with myself, the planet, food and the Earth, I decided to challenge myself to 30 full days of vegan eating and living — hence the title of this blog. However, as the days wore on, I found myself loving vegan more than I could imagine. The beautiful thing about learning is that it never stops…the same could be said for veganism. There are always new things to learn and fun new foods to explore. This is just one tool I am using on the way and I am glad that you are here to join the fun.

Welcome aboard.


3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. The fact that you’ve been a vegetarian for so long and are now a vegan is truly inspiring! I’ve been a vegetarian for about 2 years now and look forward to a life full of delicious, plant-based foods that’s ahead!

    • Thank you SO much! It has definitely made the switch a lot smoother for me, I think. That’s so awesome you made the switch to vegetarian — it is one of the best things and I hope you find as much joy in it as I did 🙂 The best thing, I’d say, about plant-based living is that you are constantly trying new things and learning new things about food and the Earth and yourself. It’s an amazing experience!

      • Exactly! I feel like the variety of foods I’ve eaten since becoming a vegetarian is one of the best parts, and of course learning so much about the food/body/earth connection as well. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

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